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We no longer have an office in downtown Cleveland but that we are happy to serve our Cleveland clients from our office in Amherst.


The law office of Sheerer & Goodwin represents persons with disabilities in their efforts to obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration. Attorneys Ben Sheerer and Paula Goodwin have been in practice for more than 30 years and they have successfully represented thousands of people with disabilities. They represent a wide variety of people including children, factory workers, homemakers, nurses, other professionals, computer technicians, and cashiers and others who have worked in the service industry. Their office staff is well acquainted with the processing of a disability claim and they are happy to assist clients with their cases whenever they contact the office or stop in. Ben Sheerer and Paula Goodwin provide a free initial consultation and they are each available to meet with clients at other times as need be. All the people who work at the law office of Sheerer & Goodwin believe that people are entitled to be treated with kindness and respect regardless of their financial circumstances or their mental and physical impairments.

Every case that Sheerer & Goodwin firm takes begins with a personal, face to face interview with a lawyer from the firm. We believe that this is the best way for us to decide whether we think we can win a case. It is also the opportunity for you to meet us and become familiar with our office and the way in which we work on cases.

Once we have decided to take a case, we will do the paper work which is required to proceed on the case. This paper work can be very frustrating and our office staff is experienced in completing forms and filing appeals. If it becomes necessary to go before a judge to try to win benefits, we believe that an attorney should meet with you and explain the hearing and help you to prepare to testify at the hearing. We also review the medical history at that time to be sure we have secured the necessary records.

We think our approach to handling cases, which relies on meetings and contact with you, is the best way to meet our obligation to help you pursue benefits. We know it can be a long and hard process to win benefits and we are by your side from beginning to end.

We also handle cases for children, SSI and Veterans Benefits.

Tips For Choosing An Attorney

  • 1.  Know the name of the attorney and what state he is located in. (You can check with the state bar association to see if he has any complaints against him)
  • 2.  Hire someone you feel comfortable talking to about your disability and how it affects all aspects of your life, not just  your work life.
  • 3.  Hire an attorney who will meet with you before the day of the hearing to discuss the merits of your case and what to expect the day of the hearing.
  • 4.  Hire an attorney who works with the Social Security hearing office in your location and knows the expectations of the judges in that office.
  • 5. Hire an attorney from a small firm if you want individual attention. Often the firms who handle lots of cases cannot provide you with that personal access to the attorney. A large law firm is not nesessarily better for you.
  • 6.  Remember, the Administrative Law Judge bases his or her decision on the evidence presented at the hearing  regardless of who your attorney is. 




We Have Helped People With Disabilities Due to Many Illnesses Including:

What Our Clients Are Saying

On May 28th I received my letter from the Administrative Law Judge approving my application for disability benefits.

I can’t tell you how excited I am and I am so thankful for your assistance.

Lynda Spayd
(Sep 10 2012)

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