Gather Medical Records and Other Evidence

The Social Security Administration will write to your medical providers for some information, but it is not necessarily the information needed to win your claim. Our office will determine what evidence is needed to win your case and we will submit it to the Social Security Administration for you.

In addition to medical records, evidence from schools, social workers, former employers and family and friends can be useful in proving that you are disabled.  Sometimes, we need additional information from your doctor that is not in his records and we will write to the doctor and request the information. We also frequently recommend to our clients that they keep a record of how often they have a bad day and their medical condition prevents them from doing  any meaningful activity.

About medical examinations by social security doctors: During the disability determination process, the Social Security Administration has the authority to arrange and pay for a physical and/or mental evaluation of you by a doctor under contract with their agency. However, the Social Security Administration is supposed to get its own medical evaluation only if the needed information cannot be obtained from a doctor who has treated you. Before we agree to an examination with one of the Social Security Administration’s doctors, we find out what information is needed and contact your doctor to see if he or she can provide the information that the Social Security Administration needs. This is because the doctors who do the examinations for the Social Security Administration do a very cursory examination and they are likely to state that you are not disabled.

We recommend that our clients take someone with them to the examination and write down what occurred during the visit and send it to us, especially if the Social Security doctor was unprofessional in any way. This needs to be documented in the agency’s file.