Request and Attend a Hearing

If the Social Security Administration denies your claim a second time, we will request a hearing. When it is time for the hearing, we will be there with you.  Before the hearing, we will meet with you to discuss what will happen at the hearing and how you should prepare for it.

A large part of the hearing is devoted to what you can and cannot do, and, in particular, how much you can lift, how long you can stand, how long you can sit, and whether you can pay attention, finish things you start, interact appropriately with other people and maintain a schedule. An Administrative Law Judge will conduct the hearing and it will be recorded. It is not subject to formal rules of evidence, but the judge must base the decision on the evidence in the file and presented at the hearing.

Often there is a vocational expert at the hearing who will answer questions from the judge about how the limitations you have affect your ability to do different jobs. Occasionally, the judge will arrange for a doctor to attend the hearing and explain the medical records. This would be a doctor under contract with the hearing office and not a doctor who has examined or treated you.  You and your attorney will have an opportunity to ask the vocational and medical experts questions on cross examination.